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What you do is what you do, isn't it? Nothing special there. What I do is work mainly with civil society organisations, but also some public and corporate sector outfits, to help them change. For the better. For good. If you provide a list of the things you do, the services you offer, like strategic planning, leadership development, corporate governance, culture change and performance management, they are just words. And tricky sounding words too that put you off and imply more questions than they answer. So, this blog is about the stories, the joys and the woes of making tranformative change happen (on a good day) and when and why it doesn't (on a bad day). And it's dedicated to my daughter who asked the question a few years ago: 'What do you do again, Dad?'

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Changing and not changing: midsummer maternal madness and understanding resistance in a coaching situation

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Take Away Line An organisational community can be torn over questions of change. All too often, as in the case presented here, resistance can be configured as a monolith to be crushed or avoided. But working with an organisational leader … Continue reading

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I’m not paranoid – I’m just isolated: coaching reflections on how our thoughts can mask facing up to the real issue

Take Away Line All of us have these little annoying loops that go round in our minds. They can sometimes appear almost paranoid. But can we think of them as purposeful in anyway? Sometimes they can mask a bigger concern, … Continue reading

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In praise of recognition, but not praise itself: coaching reflections for leaders

Take Away Line Half-hearted praise does as much for self-esteem as casual criticism. If you want to build the confidence of your people, they need to feel recognised not praised. And that’s about how you engage with them. Whole-hearted and fully … Continue reading

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The Danger of Ignorance or why Good Corporate Governance is important

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 Take Away Line If there’s anything we can learn from the collapse of the banks and other major institutions, it’s that their boards have to be more than a mere shadowy presence: their input matters.  The consequences of weak governance … Continue reading

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Opening up: Adopting a Habit of Reviewing Governance Effectiveness

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Take Away Line As the group at the ‘top of the shop’ in their organisations, there is an easy and natural tendency for boards to become somewhat closed off, like a closed system, impervious to signals of how it may … Continue reading

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An Awakened Board: A Peak at Great Organisational Governance

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 Take Away Line Good governance, along with its great governance and weak governance counterparts, is only partly a describable condition – and in this blog we have a go at that – but it is also an outcome from a … Continue reading

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Christmas 2012 – home thoughts from abroad

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Take Away Line After a year of exciting and challenging international assignments, alongside the more typical ones in the UK and other European Countries, it’s time to roast a Christmas chestnut and reflect on the learning that they have brought … Continue reading

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How to choose the right leadership development programme for your organisation – in Madagascar

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Take Away Line Rattling through the bush on a long journey can be a great way to reflect, discuss and formulate. On one journey in the Madagascan Highlands, we talked about how to choose the right leadership development programme, developing … Continue reading

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Glamour and Poverty: behind the Scenes of the Baku Eurovision in 2012, a Civil Society Connection?

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Take Away Line The European Union is supporting the development of civil society in a number of its neighbours, seeing their stability and prosperity as in our interest as well as a good thing to support.  Solidarity in action.  But … Continue reading

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